Just now, as I’m editing the photos you’ll see here in a second, my dear friend Josh gmail chatted me and asked what I was doing.  When I told him I was working on a blog, he said, “THE blog?  Stuff must be up.”  Yeah yeah yeah, I seldom post here anymore, I know.  I’m grateful you all take an interest in my whereabouts.  But he’s right, there’s a lot going on.  It’s summer afterall!  But moreso than that….

God is rushing in to still my fears and reverse the lies.  I’m still trying to grasp it all and believe it all.
I’ve been sad that I’m single and haven’t found that kind of love.  But I am so very loved by many. 
I’ve been sad that I don’t make a lot of money and don’t have the luxury to go out to nice meals with friends and buy the clothes I want at Anthropologie or the furniture & housewares I want at West Elm.  But I live in a farmhouse on a vineyard in the country and eat healthy delicious food and have clothes on my back and a bed to sleep in and a car to get me from A to B.  I have more than I need.
And the beautiful combination of these two realizations is manifest in this little group of new friends who are all like-minded in our love for community, beauty, tilth, simple luxuries, and FUN!  We’ve been making the most of our Mondays together lately and it has been a delight to all of us.
My life might look like Pinterest and Kinfolk, and in many ways it is.  So I’ll raise a glass to the up days and be grateful that they sustain me through the down ones.
Monday Candlelight
Monday Cheers Monday DinnerPhoto Cred: Rachel Getsinger Monday Getsingers Monday glass Monday Golden Hour Monday Golden Monday Green VIew Monday Luke Galette Monday Luke Saber Monday Luminous GirlfriendsPhoto Cred: Rachel Getsinger Monday merry Rachel Monday PorchPhoto Cred: Rachel Getsinger Monday Red Barn Golden Monday Roommates Monday Spread Monday Sundown Monday Table Monday Tree Monday Twilight
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One comment on “Just Another Monday

  1. Marlynn on said:

    This post is perfection: honest and beautiful. Thanks for sharing, Mari! I, for one, am envious of your sweet vineyard farmhouse life :)

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