Am I the only one who has noticed that there seems to be a dichotomy in social media posting?  There are people who only Instagram and FB photos of the amazing food they’re eating at a hip new restaurant, their super cute and well dressed toddler, brag about how many miles they ran that morning, or flaunt their courtside seats, their dreamy new farmhouse, the vineyard that is in bloom in their backyard, the organic farm down the street (see where this is going?) etc.

But there are also people who do a lot of complaining, dirt-airing, opinion voicing, and just plain bitching and moaning on FB.  Am I right?

The truth is, though, every rose has its thorn.

My rose has a pretty big thorn right now.  It may seem like my life is a dream: second row seats at the Blazers game, farmhouse in wine country, vineyard in my backyard, cutest/sweetest dog in the world, amazing roommate, dream job, barrel tasting, complimentary dinners at a 5-star restaurant, trip to Hood River with Lindsay, sunshine, puppies, roses, and chocolate-covered-perfection.

But let me be real for a minute and tell you the recent flip side: I just got fired from my dream job, I got rear-ended and my car got totaled, I owe some late fees, I dislocated my knee and still have a hell of a time walking up and down stairs, I’m single, heavier than I want to be, struggle with body-image, and some nights eat spoonfuls of peanut butter and feel super guilty for it.

Mountaintops and valleys low, people.  I’m straddling that line.

Right after I got fired, I drove up to Portland to meet up with Lindsay & Co. for our last Blazers game.  She recently went through a season of unemployment and encouraged me to be real about how I was feeling.  She knows that I’m a glass-half-full type of gal and gave me the space to feel sad, mad, anxious, freaked out, like a failure, whatever.  And I did for about point five seconds.

But I’m fine.  Really, I am.  I’ve never not worked so having some time to be at home, cook food, plant a garden, refurbish old furniture, have my mom come visit, hang out with Jackie and Che-dog, regain strength in my knee and go running again, and invite people over has been SO great.  I’m certain and hopeful that a new and meaningful door will open in just the right place.

I am not forgotten and will be taken care of.  I know this.

So I’ll keep posting pictures of the vineyard, my super cute dog, the blooming farmhouse, and the food I eat.  But now you all know that my rose has a thorn and probably always will.

And now, my life in photos:

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6 comments on “Every Rose Has Its Thorn

  1. Mari, I would love to talk to you about this post. I’ve been there. Like a year ago. Still figuring it out. That was how my little blog got started. It’ll all work out in the end. If it didn’t work out, it’s not the end!

  2. Burwell General Store on said:

    I went through a similar string of Are You F*cking Kidding Me events that lasted two years and included every major aspect of my life, health, finances, friends, career, family. My life raft through those times was my mother, telling me “Take it one day at a time.” Just one foot in front of the other. The Blazer’s game, the walks with pup.. the small things make it better, slowly.
    As bad as it can get, it gets as good, and better. These lessons are the most valuable.
    Chin up, my friend.

  3. Tiffany on said:

    Mari, It’s so important to be able to express both sides to one’s experience, the good and the not so good. It’s part of what keeps you moving forward! No one who knows you can disagree in being certain that your circumstances will change for the better, in a great way. We can’t know the “when”, but we’re here to support you however we can. Keep that twinkle in your eye, MariStar, and things will turn the corner at the perfect moment.

  4. Tamara on said:

    Dear Mari, thank you for this post. First of all I’m sorry to hear your having some difficulties, but it sounds like you’re keeping it all in perspective. The Japanese have an expression, “you’re living in interesting times.” Life is pushing you down a different path and I’m certain you will find your way. Thank you for keeping it real though, it speaks to who you are as a person. I’ve been struggling with Facebook lately and whether it’s a place to share dialogue with people in your life, or whether all that’s welcome is pictures and posts that make your life look perfect. My life is far from perfect, the last few years have been particularly challenging, but when I reach out for support on facebook, I generally find no one there. Say something funny and the whole world listens. Anyway, I appreciate your honesty and am here if you need a shoulder to lean on. Shoot. Me a message and let me know what you’re looking for in the way of work, and I’ll keep my ears open. I wish you the very best and all the happiness you can handle.

  5. Lauren Morton-Farmer on said:

    I just admire you beyond words, Mari. Your faith and ability to see beyond circumstances inspires me to no end ((seriously, I can’t even articulate it in the right words)) and I cannot wait to see what God does for you with this new season. But it’s true – give yourself THIS season. Use it. I know you will. You always do. You have been there for me through every astounding high and crippling low as long as I’ve known you – and I will do everything I can to be that friend for you now! Love you, Mar!

  6. nancy on said:

    i know we don’t keep in touch that frequently, but having been through a very (very) rough season last year with j, i was bummed for you, lady, in hearing your dream job was lost. so sorry. hugs from the east and i’ll be trusting with you that things will all be OK again very soon.

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