If you remember, a couple months ago I was half packed with one foot out the door ready to join Outstanding in the Field on a 5 month foodie circus adventure traveling around the country setting up farm dinners in gorgeous settings.  After several rounds of interviews, they ended up going with the other candidates, leaving me behind in Oregon.  Boohoo, waaah waaah, woe is me, right?  Well, I spent one day letting myself be sad that the door had closed on my adventure and I wasn’t chosen to join this team of amazing people (although they did invite me to be part of their 2 Oregon dinners in July).  But the following day, I was overwhelmed with GRATITUDE and THANKFULNESS that I get to live in Oregon and be here during the best part of the year and continue to plant my roots here.

You see, the vision I had in my head and heart was me driving down a beautiful stretch of country road wearing my straw cowgirl hat, golden fields in the background, hand stretched out the window floating up and down in waves, with the warm sunshine on my face.  That was the vision of Heaven for me.

God has a way of redeeming what was dreamed of and lost, though.  I was suppose to email OITF a couple weeks before they came to town to nail down a plan to work with them, but I didn’t.  I thought about it but just never had the motivation to contact them and make arrangements.  Something in me told me to let go and let them come through Oregon without me.  And it’s a good thing I listened to that because I spent the very evening they were hosting the dinner that I was “supposed” to be at enjoying the best part of Oregon with one of my best friends, Rachel, doing exactly what I had envisioned doing: driving down a beautiful stretch of country road wearing my cowboy hat, golden fields in the background, hand stretched out the window floating up and down in waves, with the warm sunshine on my face.  I didn’t need to leave Oregon to experience that slice of Heaven.  The loss of that dream was redeemed by the truth of my reality.

Some highlights of the evening: farm fresh eggs, a white horse in the pasture, very talkative goats and chickens, driving down Stafford/Wilsonville/Mountain Road, etc with the top down, skinny dipping at Hegg Park after dark, a delicious dinner at the farmhouse with good wine, red barns, green barns, blue barns, blasting Keith Urban thru the speakers, and a gorgeous sunset.

Turns out, I didn’t need a soul-stirring adventure on a bus traveling around the country. I’m right where I should be and loving every moment of the Oregon summer.

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6 comments on “Outstanding in My Own Field

  1. Emelina on said:

    This post made me so happy it was almost like it wasn’t horribly cloudy outside right now. Thank you for being the sunshine, Mari!

  2. Bethany ~ twoOregonians on said:

    And there’s nothing sweeter than an Oregon summer, not in the whole, wide world. :) Soak up the sunshine for me! xoxo -B

  3. Jeffrey Weissler on said:

    Very well said young wise one.

  4. Jana on said:

    Loved this post. We are so happy God moved us to Oregon. It is like we are “home” after 22 years of searching. :)

  5. Lauren Morton-Farmer on said:

    “The loss of that dream was redeemed by the truth of my reality.” AMEN. I love you and your faithfulness and your sweet, sweet heart!

  6. I just love this post! We need more, more, more. I’m mesmerized by the numbers of doors that were seemingly closed in my face, and sometimes it took me more than a day to look around and see all the other ones that were more welcoming in the hallway. I’m still opening doors and looking at more hallways, but the key is to always be open to possibilities. I just got word that I’ll be working at Hip Chicks Do Wine. An urban winery. Just two miles away. Amazing.

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